About Us

Crosby Coffee was born from an obsession for coffee by founder, Jack Foster. Jack travelled a lot with his previous work and used to enjoy finding solace in coffee shops off the beaten track. Some sips later and he was hooked and he became fascinated with the history and science of coffee whilst simultaneously realising there was space for a roaster in a little town called Crosby.

For nearly a year the business was ran from his Mum’s living room, using tiny American style roasters and taking days off from work to fulfill orders. A reminder of the crazy and beautiful scenarios you’ll find yourself in when fulfilling a dream that you’ll look back on with fond memories.

Crosby Coffee are now an established business, proud to roast delicious coffee and deliver it to your home, as well as supply independent coffee shops and restaurants who are passionate about serving quality coffee to their customers. The team at Crosby Coffee recently won Producer of the year at the Liverpool Food & Drinks Awards 2016 which shows just how far the business has come in such a short time.

                  Jack Foster from Crosby Coffee eating Mocha BrownieSam Hookham at Crosby Coffee              Rachael        Tom Foster working for Crosby Coffee at Crosby food festival













Jack started roasting coffee at home in 2013 and before he knew it he couldn't roast enough beans for the demand, the hobby officially turned into a career in 2014. Jack's background in hospitality management and customer experience means he and his team go above and beyond for their customers needs and demands. Jack is now the head roaster and is in charge of creating unique blends as well as bespoke packages for their wholesale customers.

Sam has worked in coffee for about 3 years. Sam loves the Guatemalan Acetanango coffee using a V60 for its fruity taste. As Crosby Coffee head barista, he looks after all of the on and off site training programs as well as serving you all delicious coffee in our roastery brew bar. Feel free to ask for an obscure latte art pattern, he loves a challenge.

Tom has worked for Crosby Coffee during his time at university studying to be a physio. He worked at the first event in Crosby Village helping to engage the local community into the Crosby Coffee brand and has since become the 'go-to guy' for festivals and events. Tom's favourite coffee is the Iron Men of Crosby blend, he loves the kick it gives him in the morning to fuel him for the rest of his day.

Rachael has become a key part in the day to day running of the business. Anything from delivery driving to invoicing can be part of a days work for Rachael as well as keeping us boys in line. Rachael's fave brew is a flat white using our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

The team at Crosby Coffee are proud and passionate about what they do, from every artisan roasted specialist coffee to each individually stamped bag. This was recognised by the first & second Northern Independent Coffee Guide who invited Crosby Coffee to be a part of their exclusive invite only guides.
The Guide’s editor Jo Rees said:
“There’s long been this idea that the only place to get a good coffee in the UK is in central London. The North is a hot house of some amazing coffee experiences. We are in the middle of a revolution in both the cities and rural areas, with amazing quality artisan coffee being roasted and brewed.”
Jack Foster, founder of Crosby Coffee said: "Its so exciting to be part of a movement. Coffee is changing the way we live, the way we interact and the way we work."
If you would like to find out what all the fuss is about then why not pay us a visit, get the directions or contact details
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