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Uganda African Moon

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In the cup expect to find juicy and sticky sweetness, dried fruits and peach juices. The coffee has a long lingering finish that has a pleasant prickly finish resembling spices and dates.

African Moon is a community-sourced and naturally-processed coffee which over 850 passionate farmers contribute as a regular harvest. Typically, farmers plot size ranges from 1-3 acres and are positioned all over the hillside of the luscious Rwenzori mountains.

African Moon is regularly the primary income for many of the families of the Rwenzoris. Since coffee processing began in the Rwenzoris, there has been little washing station processed coffee as processing is typically done at the farmer level.

Since 2015, farmers have been encouraged to sell coffee as cherry rather than green. Masereka Obed is the lead farmer and one of the elders responsible for this group.

Tasting Notes: Spices, Dates, Dried Apricot

Process: Natural 

Farm: Agri Evolve

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