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Acaia Pearl - PRE ORDER ONLY

The Acaia Pearl is a professional-grade smart scale that brings consistency and insight to your coffee brewing. It provides all the help you will need to make that perfect cup of coffee with its essential brewing modes, real-time flow-rate display and the all-new built-in Acaia interactive coffee brewing guide. 
  • Ultra-fast response time and instant readings.
  • Readability up to 0.1 g. The Acaia Pearl is sensitive to even weight changes resulting from evaporation and temperature.
  • Packed with laboratory-grade scale technology like adjustable zero tracking and creeping compensation. Tweak your scale's settings to your environment.
  • In a dual display, both time and weight are shown on the scale. If paired with one of our mobile apps, the sync can track your times and graph your pour.
  • The Acaia scale will not shut down during coffee brewing. If desired, the time for an auto-off is customizable through our apps.
  • A greener alternative power source, the lithium-ion battery lasts 20-30 hrs.

Inside the Package:

  • Acaia Pearl coffee scale
  • Heat resistant pad
  • Micro-USB cable

Pre-order only.