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Colombia Desarrollo

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The Origin

El Desarrollo is the name of the Association of Coffee Growers in Gigante muncicipality, in Huila department. The association has over 220 small and medium-size affiliates located in the west slopes of the East Andes that inhabited 41 villages. Its structure is made up of 169 men and 51 women, ages ranging from 25 to 78 years. The average level of education is primary school.

The income of the families is purely agricultural which often times is below a minimum wage. The Municipality of Gigante is in the center-east of Huila department, its population is around 33,000 inhabitants. It is located between the West Andes and Matambo hill and on the riverside of the Magdalena River. Gigante is a municipality rich in forests, rivers and streams, although the area has been affected by climate change and improper land use. its economy has agricultural vocation, highlighting coffee production. This municipality is known as the cocoa capital of Huila but with the construction of the hydroelectric Quimbo, hundreds of hectares of cocoa were flooded, which is why cocoa ceased its importance in the economy of the region.

Tasting Notes: Caramel, Green Grapes & Fudge

Process: Washed

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