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Aparecida, Brazil

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Discover Aparecida Coffee, the epitome of Brazil's coffee excellence. Sourced from São Paulo's renowned coffee-growing region, Alta Mogiana is celebrated for its exceptional flavour, owed to its perfect climate and altitude.

Crafted with expertise across seven O'Coffee estates – Nossa Senhora Aparecida, São José, Santa Rita, Santa Maria, Santa Adélia, Santa Helena, and Fazendinha – these beans reflect a blend of tradition and innovation. Focused on select varietals thriving in the region's climate, we ensure consistent yields and unparalleled cup quality.

O'Coffee is dedicated to ethical practices and community enrichment. From preserving nature to empowering local communities, our initiatives include permanent preservation, native plant reforestation, CO2 reduction, and innovative water reuse projects.

Join us in experiencing the best of Brazil with Aparecida Coffee – where tradition, quality, and sustainability meet in every sip.

Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Peanuts & Digestive Biscuit 

Process: Natural 

Farm: Aparecida

Varietals: Catucai, Acaia, Mundo Novo

Altitude: 900-1500

Cup Score: 83.5

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