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Ugandan Midnight Flyer

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Cup profile:

A well-balanced cup with a pleasantly crisp and clean acidity. It has a strong body, with notes of Nougat and Almond, and finishes with a hint of dark chocolate.


Midnight Flyer is a coffee made from the Katanda farmers community in the Kasese district, located in the southernmost part of the Rwenzori mountain range and processed by Agri Evolve.

The Katanda community is situated near the main coffee station at Nyabirongo in the southern part of Kasese District. Agri Evolve have a strong connection with their community, as they supported the establishment of a clean water supply for them in 2020. The Katanda community consists of 1000 smallholder farmers who cultivate coffee on small parcels of land ranging from 1 to 4 acres. Covering a wide area within the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains, the Katanda farmers community in Kasese district has altitudes ranging from 1300 to 1600 masl.

The cherries are harvested and collected from 3 central buying centres and then delivered to the Nyabirongo washing station during the main and fly harvests. Upon arrival at the Nyabirongo washing station, the coffee cherries are pulped and fermented in large tanks for approximately 24 hours. After washing, the resulting "parchment" is dried either on raised beds or mechanically, depending on various factors. Once fully dried, the parchment is stored in our warehouse until it is ready for export. It is then hulled, graded, and bagged. As a washed coffee, Midnight Flyer consistently maintains a reliable quality from season to season, with an SCA score ranging between 83 and 84. It offers excellent characteristics as a single-origin coffee and also serves as an exceptional component for blending, adding body and balance to any espresso or filter blend. The accompanying photo showcases the typical landscape of the Rwenzori foothills, where Midnight Flyer coffee is sourced.

Notes: Dark Chocolate, Nougat & Almond

Process: Washed

Farm: Katanda

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