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Crosby Coffee Reusable Cups

Introducing our Brand New reusable cups.

Here at Crosby Coffee we're focussed on bringing you the best coffee both in store and at home; we care strongly about developing and maintaining great relationships with the farmers who grow our coffee. 

We wanted to bring you a cup with the exact same ethos, and here it is!

Available in 2 sizes, they're a collaboration with Circular & Co. a UK company who are striving for global change by making Circular Design the new standard.

Circular Cup is the world first reusable coffee cup, made from single-use paper cups. Designed for 10 years use, each cup contains a unique blend of recycled disposable cups, helping to clean up the environment and prevent these problems in the future. Insulated for 60-90 minutes with the lid on and closed, the base measures a diameter of 64mm and is suitable for most drink holders. They're also 100% leakproof and offer 360° drinking!

Circular & Co. use waste material to make new products which are then fully recyclable, this means the same materials can be used over and over, closing the circle. This drastically reduces CO2 emissions, stops consumption of the planet’s precious resources, and helps eliminates pollution. 

The cups are designed with longevity in mind, with spare parts like replacement seals & lids being available via Circular & Co. direct. Once your cup has reached the end of it's life it is recyclable via your kerbside collection.

Don't forget, if you bring your own takeaway cup into store you'll receive a discount off your takeaway coffee!