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Burundi Kigina

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With its high altitudes, volcanic soil, and fantastic processing, Burundi has one of the best reputations from all of East Africa. Coffee is grown throughout Burundi, but most farms and cooperatives are in Buyenzi, Mumirwa, and Kirimiro in the northeast.

Working in partnership with Migoti Coffee Company based in Burundi, we are sourcing from partner washing stations who purchase cherries directly from farmers high in the mountains overlooking Lake Tanganyika.

​A special focus is paid to supporting farmers with a long term view. Investing in new crops for the coffee farmers to intercrop with their coffee trees, embarking on ambitious hydropower projects and education to improve quality and quantity in order to build a brighter future for their families and the next generation of Burundi coffee farmers.

This lot, from Kigina Hill has a bright juicy body with a heavy creamy mouthfeel. There is a floral tea-like acidity with a full mixed berry flavour and aroma. A real winner for summer drinking

Tasting Notes: Demerara Sugar, Mixed Berries & Cream 

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1700-1900

Cup Score: 84

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