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For the LOVE of coffee

Crosby Coffee has become the go-to destination for Liverpool coffee lovers over the past few years. Proud to roast delicious coffee in their beloved home town of Crosby, Liverpool, right next door to their beautiful coffee shop. Serving the latest coffee creations and offering the local community something different upon each visit.



Crosby Coffee deliver coffee to hundreds of businesses on a weekly basis. Providing support, machinery, training and quality products is at the very forefront of what we do day to day. 

Iron Men Blend


Online and In-store we stock everything you could possibly need to brew speciality coffee at home or in your workplace. We also offer a tailored subscription service so you'll never run out.


Coffee Shop

Next door to our roastery you will find us brewing up our favourite single origins and trialling new experiments like nitro-cold brew. Open 7 days a week be sure to call in & ask our staff for any help you need. 

Our Knowledge & Expertise

Our industry knowledge is the foundation of our business, we pride ourselves on assisting our customers individual needs and will go above and beyond to meet those requirements. 

Our retail and wholesale customers are given access to our team of experts and resources which include our 7 SCA trained staff and private training/tasting room. 

We boast an in-house green coffee buying team with forward contracts in place  and separate storage facilities for risk management. 

With an in-house engineer we can also offer pro-active technical support, quicker response times and bespoke packages to suit your own requirements. 

Speciality Coffee Assosciation Barista Accredited Staff
Awards Won / Shortlisted
Crosby Coffees Consumed per Day

Meet the Experts that make us possible


Jack Foster Founder & Director | Head Roaster

Jack found his passion for coffee whilst working around the country at sporting events. You can usually see him perched next to the roaster with a coffee in hand.


Mark Slinger Director | New Customer & Green Coffee Buyer

Mark is a secret adrenaline junkie – bungee jumping, paragliding, skydiving, hes done the lot. You can usually find Mark in our showroom demoing our machines to wholesale customers. 


Rachael Alliston Warehouse and Accounts Manager

Rach is actually only 7  years old… being born on a leap year. Usually found in the bouncing around the roastery organising deliveries or sorting through accounts in the office. 


Lynn Wright Marketing & Social Media Manager

Our very own resident Lisa Simpson, Lynn can belt out some sultry sounds on a Saxophone. Lynn spends her time planning our marketing campaigns & organising our retail orders. 


Emma Wickstead Customer Accounts Manager

Part frog, part duck, Emma was born with webbed fingers on her left hand. 'Big Em' is in charge of order processing in the office. Usually found on the phone or out and about visiting our lovely customers. 


John Kelleher Business Development Manager

John text


Thurston White Coffee Shop Manager | Trainer

Thurston can ride a unicycle and walk the tightrope and one day plans to run away with the circus. 'T' also runs our public training sessions and tastings as well as in house staff training. 


Dan Roberts Head Barista | Roaster

Dan can play a whopping 5 different instruments and is part time rocker in a heavy metal band. Dan is either found on the coffee machine or the shop roaster fulfilling retail orders. 


Gary Alliston Delivery Driver

Gaz is part time delivery driver, full time rock God as lead singer in Kiss Da Beat. Gaz also toured Europe with his band 'Body' who appeared on the TV programme 'Under the Moon'.


Alex Butchard Barista

Alex is our in house photographer and takes our stunning photos for social media. Usually found petting dogs in the shop or shooting product shots in our training room!


Fiona Somerville Barista

Our newest member of the team is also a semi professional singer having performed both English and Italian opera in Rome. Fi also bakes some delicious cakes we serve up in the shop...


Joseph Stewart Barista

The youngest member of the team and a Mozart in the making, Joseph has been playing Piano for over 13 years (that’s over 80% of his young years! He has quickly become an integral part of the Crosby Coffee family!

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