Crosby Coffee have become the go-to destination for Liverpool coffee lovers over the past few years. Proud to roast delicious coffee in their beloved home town of Crosby, Liverpool, right next door to their beautiful coffee shop. Serving the latest coffee creations and offering the local community something different upon each visit. Also specialising in delivering the very best and freshest coffee to regular online consumers and subscribers. As well as delivering to hundreds of wholesale customers who are passionate about serving quality coffee in their businesses all over the country.

Crosby Coffee was born from an obsession for coffee by founder, Jack Foster. Jack travelled a lot with his previous work and used to enjoy finding solace in coffee shops off the beaten track. Some sips later and he was hooked and he became fascinated with the history and science of coffee whilst simultaneously realising there was space for a roaster in a little town called Crosby. For nearly a year the business was ran from his Mum’s living room, using tiny American style roasters and taking days off from work to fulfill orders. A reminder of the crazy and beautiful scenarios you’ll find yourself in when fulfilling a dream that you’ll look back on with fond memories. The company is now co-owned and ran by Jack and school friend Mark Slinger. The team at Crosby Coffee recently won 'Favourite Place to Shop' (2017) and 'Producer of the Year' (2016) at the Liverpool Food & Drinks Festival Awards which shows just how far the business has come in such a short time.












The people that

Made us possible


Director & Founder | Head Roaster

Favourite coffee: Kenyan / Chemex

Jack found his passion for coffee whilst working around the country at events such as Wimbledon, Royal Ascot and Aintree Grand National. You can usually see him perched next to the roaster.


Director | Wholesale & Finance

Favourite coffee: Costa Rican / Piccolo

Mark is a secret adrenaline junkie – bungee jumping, paragliding, jumping out of planes, you name it, he’s done it. Keep an eye out for Mark doing his signature parkour moves around town…


Customer Account Manager

Favourite coffee: Iron Men / Latte

Rach is actually only 7 ½ years old… being born on a leap year. Rach can usually be found in the roastery where she organises the wholesale deliveries to perfection every week.


Marketing Manager

Favourite coffee: Ugandan / Affogato

Our very own resident Lisa Simpson, Lynn can belt out some sultry sounds on a Saxophone. Lynn spends her time planning our marketing campaigns & sending out our subscription coffee orders.


Coffee Shop Manager

Favourite coffee: Ethiopian / Nitro Cold Brew

Part frog, part duck, Emma was born with webbed fingers on her left hand. Big Em is in charge of all things shop at HQ, from suppliers through to staff training and everything in between.


Coffee Shop Assistant Manager

Favourite coffee: El Porvenir Colombia / Aeropress

T can ride a unicycle and walk the tightrope and one day plans to run away with the circus. T is Emma's right hand man and also assists Jack with coffee training and sample coffee roasting.



Favourite coffee: Iron Men / Flat White

Dan can play a whopping 5 different instruments and is part time rocker in a heavy metal band. Dan can usually be found on the coffee machine practising his latte art swans.


Delivery Driver

Favourite coffee: Ten 86 / Latte

Gaz is part time delivery driver, full time rock God as lead singer in Kiss Da Beat. Gaz also toured Europe with his band 'Body' who appeared on the TV programme 'Under the Moon'.


Trainee Barista

Favourite coffee: Iron Men / Americano

The youngest member of the team and a Mozart in the making, Joseph has been playing Piano for over 13 years (that’s over 80% of his young years!)


Trainee Barista

Favourite coffee: Iron Men / Oat Milk Latte

Back in 2009 Coni partied with the Backstreet Boys at a concert afterparty. Coni assists Rach in the packaging area mid week and works the floor in the shop at the weekend.


Wholesale Assistant

Favourite coffee: Iron Men / Latte

Paddy has modelled for various fashion campaigns including Fred Perry, North face and now Crosby Coffee!