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Tabi Decaf

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This stunning micro lot is harvested following strict ripeness criteria and is 100% Tabi varietal. 
The coffee is hand sorted for any defects before a 30 hour underwater fermentation stage followed by de-pulping and gentle washing before a temperature controlled drying phase until the ideal moisture content is achieved. 

The caffeine is removed using an ethyl acetate (EA) solution, a natural compound and solvent derived through the fermentation of sugar cane.Often referred to as natural decaffeination as EA is naturally formed in many fruits as well as sugarcane. 

The coffee was sourced through Cofinet (you may remember them from our past crowd pleasers with Villarazo peach, strawberry and the infamous Santa Monica Rum lots) 

It has a juicy body with a gentle acidity and sweetness, notes of macadamia nuts and dark caramel and a lingering sweet berry-like finish.

We are super excited to launch Tabi Decaf alongside our other EA sugarcane decaf Passiflora, opening up the specialty market for more customers and giving greater options and choices for non caffeine drinkers! It is available in our shops and online right now, we hope you enjoy it!

Tasting Notes: Macadamia Nuts, Dark Caramel

Process: Sugarcane

Body: 3.5

Acidity: 2

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