Travel Press

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Enjoy a single-serving of French Press coffee or loose leaf tea on the go with BODUM's TRAVEL French Press. 

• Brew and drink or use in the place of a traditional 3 cup French Press. 

• Silicone and mesh filter reduces sediment. 

• Stainless steel double wall design with a vacuum seal maintains heat for hours while remaining cool to the touch. 

 • Non-skid rubber base and comfortable, ergonomic grip with colorful silicone band 

• Dishwasher safe. 

• To use: add 3-4 tablespoons coarse ground coffee, preferred milk and sweetener, and hot water to the mug. Stir contents, replace lid with plunger up, and go. After 4 minutes press down the plunger and enjoy!

Colour is random, please leave a note if you want a specific colour and we will try to accommodate as best we can.