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Honduras Rodolfo's Resolve

Sourced from Honduran producer Rodolfo Jimenez, this is a honey processed coffee which has undergone a 72 hour anaerobic fermentation, yielding tasting notes of
salted caramel, raisins and jasmine.

Rodolfo has been producing coffee for nearly 30 years, growing from a small farm, to the family run business it is today. Rodolfo’s story is one of passion, perseverance and overcoming adversity, highlighting the difficulties of producing speciality coffee. In 2011, Rodolfo’s entire farm was devastated by a severe outbreak of rust. Rust is a fungal disease which is deadly to coffee plants, massively impacting coffee farmers worldwide.

The following year, he made the courageous decision to replant the farm, this time using a more resilient coffee variety known as IH-90. Today, alongside his wife, daughters and sons, Rodolfo’s farm is running better than ever. Despite rust attacks, hurricanes, and ill health, these setbacks have only served to strengthen Rodolfo’s Resolve to produce some of the most unique and beautiful coffees there are, much like this one we're bringing you.

Tasting Notes: Salted Caramel, Raisins & Jasmine 

Process: Honey Aerobic

Altitude: 1650

Cup Score: 86

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