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Honduras Santa Barbara

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Nelson Ramirez is the third generation of coffee producers in his family and talks fondly of helping his father and grandfather on their farms. Aged 18 Nelson studied agronomy at the university.

In 2008 a friend alerted him to property named "El Cielito" being put up for sale, after visiting the farm Nelson purchased it immediately and spent that year working to rejuvenate the plants and started to produce coffee. In 2009 the first micro-lot was prepared and Nelson was able to sell it as specialty coffee.

The cherries are picked carefully when ripe and are de-pulped every day, then the parchment together with the mucilage is put directly on the concrete floor to pre-dry for around 4 days. Following this the cherries are put inside the parabolic solar dryer for around 20 days to complete the drying, during this time they're raked every 30 minutes and sorted by hand to remove defective beans.

Notes: Red Apple, Caramel, Cocoa

Process: Honey

Farm: Nelson Ramirez Farm

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