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Colombian Granja Paraiso

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This is our second coffee we have bought from the brilliant coffee producer, Wilton Benitez after he wowed us with the previous coffee we took from bearing his namesake farm. 
With this coffee from his second farm, Granja Paraiso, he has absolutely lived up to expectations! 

All of the stages of bringing you this outstanding coffee are carefully controlled and the effort definitely shows in the cup. The cherries are manually picked and also screened for uniformity in both size and density to ensure evenness of harvest and high cup scores.
Wilton has conducted research into various fermentation techniques used in the making of wine, beer and cheese and perfected his double fermentation technique to use on this coffee.
The manipulation of temperature, duration, specific introduction of micro-organisms and finally a double thermal shock treatment to seal all of this cultivated flavour into the grain gives us this mouth-wateringly bright and juicy and sweet coffee, ideal for filter brews or a sticky fruit bomb espresso.

Notes: Lychee, Blackcurrant & Icing Sugar

Process: Double Anaerobic Fermentation

Farm: Granja Paraiso 92

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