Coffee Dripper 3 Cup

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The Gator Pot allows you to make perfect pour over coffee, cup after delicious cup.
  • ENJOY YOUR COFFEE AT ITS BEST - The pour over method highlights every delicious note and aroma. Drink great coffee AND become a cooler person (!). It's fast, easy and impresses everyone.
  • HELP THE ENVIRONMENT. Other products force you to buy constantly buy paper filters. This laser-cut reusable steel filter allows your brew to retain the delicious flavors and oils which paper filters steal away. Say YES to lower costs and helping the environment.
  • CHEAP ALTERNATIVES DON'T LAST. Coffee Gator is committed to quality and customer service. Don't waste your money on cheaper imitations

Enjoy better coffee

The Coffee Gator pour over coffee maker helps your beans deliver maximum flavour.

Why Pour Over Coffee?

Short answer: because it's awesome.

 Long answer:

• Makes amazing coffee with minimum fuss.
• Using a slow, steady stream of water at the right temperature makes the best use of the natural aromas, oils and flavours of your brew.
• Brighter and cleaner taste than French press method, and less dangerous than a stove-top percolator and just in a different league of taste to machine drip.
• Easy to clean.
• Makes you look cool - Impress your friends. If you don't have any this product will gain you some new ones :-)