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Christmas Coffee

 The Santa Barbara growing region of Honduras is still very much developing in the light of producing specialty grade harvests of coffee. Benjamin (Second name) is a forerunner in processing and farming coffee of the speciality cup score- developed on the back of producing competition (COE) coffee over the recent years and translating the learning to open his coffee up to the speciality green market.

As a proud Native to his growing region of Santa Barbara, he opened up his processing knowledge to the other small-holder farmers of the area. He took to challenging the traditions his neighbours have set themselves into in terms of processing + selling their coffee, offering to take their coffees, categorise them the speciality way, and process them in ways their coffee hasn't been before, in pursuit of adding value to the grower's products. This is a huge risk for the other growers to undertake- in a 'if it's not broken, why fix it' kind of fashion; for want of a better description.

The coffee we have here is a proudly produced mixture of 5 small holder lots, processed as one. It represents a new processing culture for Honduras and is worth following the story of. Supporting a coffee such as this gives the farmers taking such a risk a valuable pat on the back, much needed to continue producing coffee of this quality and increasing the fairness of coffee sales the world-over.

Notes: Cranberry, Nutmeg, Stewed Apple

Process: Natural

Farm: Santa Barbara 

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