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Honduras El Tontolo

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Product Description

This small lot was purchased from Honduras based Cafesmo, a co-op formed in 2016 with all 250 members. The members are certified as fairtrade and organic with a focus on diversity; employing men and women of all ages and backgrounds. The producer of this lot, Gerardo Mejia learnt from his father who was the first person in Ocotepeque to cultivate with any certifications.

The natural process begins by selecting the sweetest ripe cherries and drying them on plastic blankets at 1400m. At night the blankets are closed for preservation and to not allow humidity absorption. Once the lot has a moisture content of 11% they are ready for sorting at Cafesmo.

The coffee has a typical natural winey sweetness with lots of red ripe fruit and tropical notes.

A perfect coffee for filter and pour-overs.

Notes: Red Fruit, Dried Fig, Kiwi

Process: Natural

Body: 3

Acidity: 4