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Colombia La Pradera

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Product Description

This lot was purchased from family-ownedHacienda La Pradera, an organic estate in Aratoca, Santander. This is our second year of purchasing fromOscar Daza, who runs the farm with a vision to produce extraordinary speciality coffees.⁠

This carefully craftedCastillo is fully eco-washed after undergoing two different stages of controlled fermentation, one for 24 and another for 36 hours. The coffee is then pulped and transported via bands to the pre-drying deck. Moving the coffee via bands reduces the risk of damage to the coffee during transport. Once the coffee reaches between 10.5-11% humidity it is bagged and prepared for export.⁠

This coffee is dominated by red fruit flavours and a nutty and toffee-like finish. Bright and clean in the cup with sweet citrus notes and floral aroma. ⁠

Notes: Tangerine, Pear, Toffee

Process: Washed

Body: 3.5

Acidity: 3.5