Commercial Coffee Machines

The right equipment for your business is key to the success of your customer experience, Crosby Coffee have tried and tested commercial coffee machines and grinders that will stand up to the busiest cafe or restaurant environments.  We have partnered with Cimbali and selected the equipment below from their range as a guide, we can supply, deliver, install and maintain the full range of equipment as well as provide great tasting speciality coffee, allowing you to focus on running your business.

All machines below can have 2 or 3 group heads

Cimbali M100 - Ultimate Commercial Coffee machine, perfect for restaurants and hotels

Cimbali m100 commercial coffee machine 

Cimbali’s new M100 traditional espresso machine is aimed at the next generation barista who is eager to push boundaries in order to meet the demands of the fourth wave coffee aficionado.
Whilst the amount of pressure applied and the point at which it is applied during the brewing cycle will have a direct impact on the texture, flavour and tactile sensations of the finished drink, the use of pressure to exploit the characteristics of the coffee has been the preserve of the skilled barista – up until now. For the M100 features an integral pressure profiling system which in effect gives the barista direct control of the pressure at any point during the extraction process. Moving away from a fixed 9 bar pressure and allowing the barista scope to experiment opens up infinite possibilities in terms of the in-cup experience.
A barista who has a real passion for his job and a desire to exceed customer expectations will really appreciate the M100. The ability to highlight flavour characteristics, balance sweetness and acidity, adjust mouth feel and body, experiment with signature drinks and generally prepare the coffee exactly as he wishes will take the speciality menu to the next level. And it is this upward trend in consumer expectation and quality that is driving the market. The M100 allows the barista to meet the fourth wave head on.
The M100 just oozes quality and craftsmanship, and makes a very strong design statement, taking many styling cues from the automotive industry. Available in a choice of steel and polished aluminium; steel and matt black and steel and glossy white, the M100 will create a stunning focal point in any environment.

Cimbali M34 - Perfect for the busiest coffee shops


Cimbali m34 commercial coffee machine

M34 Espresso Machine with integral PGS (Perfect Grinding System) Blue Tooth Grinder. This award winning mid-priced point machine consistently delivers great tasting coffee!
This machine guarantees a versatile response to all of your reliability and coffee making needs.
The new PGS-enabled M34 Selectron is a mid-market traditional espresso machine with all of the key user features you would expect from La Cimbali, including TurboSteam 4, a steam wand designed to help a busy barista or boost confidence in untrained staff which is essential for today’s specialty coffee menu.


Cimbali M24 - Great for simply serving speciality coffee

Cimbali m24 commercial coffee machine


The Cimbali M24 Plus is compact, automatic espresso coffee machine equipped with a micro-processor for easy programming of coffee dosage. The push button panels and LEDS means this machine is very simple to use.
Two group automatic, multi selection machine
Electronic programming of coffee dosage
Multi selection, electromechanical push-buttons with LEDs
2 stainless steel steam wands
Reduced rotation steam delivery control taps
1 stainless steel hot water wand
Improved accessibility to internal parts
Stainless steel and matt black body


Casadio Undici - Great value quality machine

Casadio Undicio commercial coffee machine

Undici is a compact, elegant, versatile machine that’s easy to use, adjust and maintain. Made of steel and aluminium. It has a fixed-nozzle thermosyphon system that's adaptable and high-performing, guaranteeing excellent results in the cup. The new, mechanical button pad is in metal and lies flush with the machine. It's user-friendly and precise, thanks to the LED lights.
Fixed-nozzle thermosyphon system that's adaptable and high-performing, guaranteeing excellent results in the cup.
UNDICI is made of steel and aluminium to guarantee the best in robustness and reliability.
UNDICI is a compact, elegant, versatile machine that's easy to use, adjust and maintain.
UNDICI can be personalised thanks to the new, mechanical button pad with LEDs that make it user-friendly and precise.