Commercial Coffee Machines

The right equipment for your business is key to the success of your customer experience, Crosby Coffee have tried and tested commercial coffee machines and grinders that will stand up to the busiest hospitality environments.  

We have partnered with La Cimbali and selected the equipment below from their range as a guide, we can supply, deliver, install and maintain the full range of equipment as well as provide great tasting speciality coffee, allowing you to focus on running your business. All machines can be adjusted to your business environment. We can recommend compact versions or bigger machines where suited.  

For all enquiries on machine packages, rentals, leases etc please call the office on 0151 538 5454 

Cimbali M100
Ultimate Commercial Coffee machine, pressure profiling and independent group head temperatures

M100 HD is quipped with a system which allows personalising the extraction water pressure profile according to the coffee blend and the desired beverage.
Download the brochure and technical specs here.


Cimbali M34
Built for fast paced environments - Tutrbo steam wand and self cleaning mode for consistency and easy use

Advanced electronics for a perfect espresso and top quality drinks. Hi-tech solutions for saving energy. Painstaking attention to the design. M34 - the ideal tool for winning the most exciting challenge: satisfying your customers.
Download the brochure and technical specs here. 


Cimbali M24
Great for simply serving speciality coffee

M24 has a sleek and refined modern look, enhanced by the carefully designed push button panels. Thanks to the thermal balanced groups, M24 is able to assure a high in-the-cup quality with every coffee blend and in any working conditions.
Download the brochure and technical specs here

Casadio Undici
Great value quality machine for serving consistent espresso drinks

Undici is made of steel and aluminium. It has a fixed-nozzle thermosyphon system that's adaptable and high-performing, guaranteeing excellent results in the cup. The new, mechanical button pad is in metal and lies flush with the machine. It's user-friendly and precise, thanks to the LED lights.
Download the brochure and technical specs here.