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Casadio Undici

Undici is a compact, elegant and versatile machine that is easy to use, adjust and maintain. Undici features an adaptable and performing thermal system with fixed nozzles that guarantees an excellent quality in the cup.

La Cimbali M21 Junior

M21 Junior is a machine designed and built for those with limited space at disposal but still want to offer traditional espresso based drinks. 

La Cimbali M24

 M24 has a sleek and refined modern look, enhanced by the carefully designed push button panels. Thanks to the thermal balanced groups, M24 is able to assure a high in-the-cup quality with every coffee blend and in any working conditions.

La Cimbali M34

The M34 espresso machine is perfectly engineered and designed for high performance, simplicity, consistency and versatility. The boiler is insulated to lower thermal dispersion which saves energy and reduces energy consumption.

La Cimbali M39

The M39 machine combines years of experience with premium manufacturing. Known as the ‘ultimate espresso machine’ the M39 is equipped with Smart Boiler technology, significantly boosting steam and hot water capacity keeping production up during busy periods. 

La Cimbali M100

Elegance, reliability, energy saving and high performance. M100 is the new professional machine for the bar! Its groups, of curved and rounded shape, recall those coffee machines characterised by hydraulic groups, while its simple design, aimed at the maximum ease of use combined with the highest performance in terms of the quality in the cup, expresses an approach attentive to the needs and tastes of the contemporary barista.


Take a look at Casadio and La Cimbali doser & on-demand grinders. Simple to use, speedy in delivery and consistent. The finishing touch to any professional espresso machine. 

La Cimbali S30 Bean to Cup

The new super-automatic La Cimbali offers an unparalleled experience and, thanks to its distinctive features, it encourages innovative interaction with the machine.

cleaning tip sheets

Traditional Espresso Cleaning

All traditional espresso machines need chemical cleaning every business day/shift. Find out how to clean your machine correctly with this helpful guide. 

La Cimbali M1 Cleaning

How to clean the M1 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine correctly. 

La Cimbali S39 Cleaning

How to clean the S39 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine correctly. 

La Cimbali M34 Cleaning

How to clean the M34 Traditional Coffee Machine correctly using the self-clean function. 

La Cimbali S54 Cleaning

How to clean the S54 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine correctly. 

chemical data sheets

Coffee Clean Detergent Powder 'Safety Data Sheet'

Coffee Clean Detergent Powder 'Technical Data Sheet'

Cappuccino Perfect Steam Wand Solution 'Safety Data Sheet'

Cappuccino Perfect Steam Wand Solution 'Technical Data Sheet'

Cimbali Eco-powder Detergent 'COSHH Data Sheet'