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Brew Guides

The best way to enjoy speciality coffee is to discover the best brewing techniques using the correct brewing equipment. Everyone has a different palate and tasting profile, so make sure you jot down what you enjoyed and what you didn't.

Brewing coffee for the home or your workplace can be as easy or as difficult as you choose to make it. However following our simple recipes and using fresh roasted coffee will get you hooked in no time.

Brewing Guides

The brewing gear we use in our everyday caffeinated lives are;


The Aeropress was invented in 2005 and produces a strong 'espresso like' strength coffee. We really enjoy our Konga Yirgacheffe through our Aeropress - It is a light ,sweet and fruity bean which really shines through using this forced pressure method. Read our full brewing recipe here.

Aeropress brewing method


The V60 was introduced to us by Hario, its perfect for creating bright clean coffees with lots of flavor. We love using our Malawicoffee beans from the Phoka Coop estate for this method. Its packed full of berry like notes with a crisp lingering finish. View our full recipe here.

Brewing coffee at home

Cafetiere / French Press

The cafetiere is one of the most traditional and modern day methods of brewing. Simple and straight forward but if its your first time follow our brewing recipe for great results every time. We like to use our signature Iron Men Crosby blend for our cafetiere brewing or you could experiment with our range of speciality single origins.

Cafetiere brewing recipes


Espresso making can seem confusing, but when you have the right gadgets and know how it can become an obsessive hobby. In our brew bar we use our Trio blend and use this recipe to create a balanced cup with great creme, body and acidity.

Espresso brewing at home

Moka Pot / Percolator

Considered the true Italian tradition for coffee brewing. The Moka pot is a beautiful way to fill your house with that sweet aroma of brewed coffee as well as making some strong brew. Our recipe allows room for adjustment so you can alter to your preferred taste, however trust us when we say - try our Guatemalan coffee, follow the recipe and go for it!

Moka pot brewing