Mexico Cervantes

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This amazing coffee was brought in for the United Kingdom Barista Championships, in which our shops & operations manager competed in. You can read all about his experience on our blog!

This geisha is from the biodynamic farm El Equimite, located in Coatepec, Veracruz. The owner is Gibrán Cervantes, he is also the founder of Ensambles (which is a sourcing and exporting entity).

El Equimite started in 2012 and transitioned from a conventional farming model (shadeless and chemical inputs) to organic farming and then bio dynamic farming. It’s Demeter certified since 2017. There are only 2 Demeter certified coffee producing farms in Mexico, as you know it’s generally still rare in Latin America.

El Equimite is the name of an endemic tree that you can find in the farm, along with 29 other tree species, 14 epiphytes (the most famous epiphyte is the orchid), 25 medicinal plants, and many animals. Bio dynamic means you consider a farm as an autonomous self sufficient environment, which means basically a farm should be able to produce all the resources it needs to thrive. This relies on biodiversity, as much vegetable as animal.

They also produce and apply the biodynamic preparations in accordance to a cosmic calendar, according to Steiner’s guidelines.

El Equimite is home to many investigations. It’s a 32-hectare farm: 12 hectares are for culture in agroforestry, and 20 hectares are dedicated to the restoration and preservation of a healthy local ecosystem. In the cultivation part of the farm, there are many fruit trees along with coffee. They are experimenting with 12 different varietals of coffee: gesha, borbon rosado, borbon rojo, SL28, typica, garnica, caturra, anacafe 14, Obata, etc.

The post harvest is carried on at the farm and the team is experimenting with many types of fermentations and processes. The Ensambles lab is in the farm too, and we are mapping out the cup quality according to varietal and process. Those results in addition with agronomic information will determine what varietals are best suited for El Equimite ecosystem.

They also investigate the reintroduction of endemic trees in collaboration with regional research institutes. El Equimite successfully applies a permaculture technique for water distribution called the keyline that helps maintain humus and avoids erosion.

It has a super sweet and buttery mouth feel with some subtle spice.

Notes: Cinnamon, Lychee,Honeydew Melon

Process: Honey

Farm: El Equimite