Crosby Coffee Re-usable Coffee Cup

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Here at Crosby Coffee we have teamed up with WAVE Coffee Cups to offer an eco-friendly alternative to the disposable coffee cup. More than 7 million disposable coffee cups are used daily in the UK alone and less than 1% of these are actually recycled!  Our collaboration coffee cup is made to help you reduce your carbon footprint and tackle the global waste crisis. 

Our Re-usable Cup is available in-store also. 

About our WAVE X Crosby Coffee Cup:

  • Barista Size - The 12oz/350ml cup is measured from standard take away cup sizes and are perfect for all coffee orders. The cup is beautifully designed and made to fit in standard drinks holders in your car and drinks trays.
  • High Quality BPA Free materials - Our cups are made from high quality glass as this will not affect the taste of your drink. All materials used are BPA free, light weight and resistant to extreme changes in temperature, they are also free of any harmful chemicals.
  • Non-Slip Sleeve - The sleeve surrounding your cup is designed to stop it slipping from your hands. The one way, anti splash lid is also made of silicone and will prevent any spillages.