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Hand Grinder with glass container

The Tiamo hand grinder is a great budget grinder for use with brew methods or espresso. It contains conical ceramic burrs, which deliver excellent grind quality and last twice as long as steel burrs. The grind setting is easily adjusted via a nut just under the handle.

The hopper can hold 30g of coffee, and its plastic holding container 60g, making it perfect for a two serving V60, French press, Aeropress or Chemex. The glass container and lid makes it ideal for traveling.

  • Burr Type: Ceramic burrs
  • Controls: Grind adjustment dial under handle fitting
  • Grind Container: Yes
  • Construction:steel and glass and polycarb
  • Weight: 350g (Grinder)
  • Dimensions: 

    90mm Diameter x 165mm High (Product) / 

    WDH: 135mm x 99mm x 197mm (Boxed)