Two methods of brewing perfect coffee and home with an Aeropress

The Original Method

  • Heat the water Bring your water to a boil then let it cool for about 1 minute. Aim for about 90 - 95 degrees Celsius
  •  Grind your beans Measure out 1-heaped Aeropress scoop of coffee beans (about 17g) and grind quite fine, you can add an extra scoop next time to achieve a stronger brew
  •  Wet the filter Assemble the Aeropress with a paper filter inside the cap and place on top of your favorite mug. Drizzle a little hot water in to wet the filter. Remember to tip away the papery water
  •  Add your coffee grounds Place the funnel on top of the cup and pour in the coffee. Remove the funnel
  •  Add the water Pour in the water until it comes up to the top line on the Aeropress
  • Stir Use the paddle stirrer (or a spoon) to stir once, briefly, leave to brew for 90 seconds
  • Press Firmly press down the plunger until you hear a long hiss
  • Taste and dilute Taste the coffee and if desired add more water. The Aeropress makes a concentrated ‘espresso style’ cup of coffee and if desired you can split this amount between two cups and add a little more hot water.

The Upside-Down/Reverse/Inverted Method

  • Assemble the AeroPress upside-down Heat the water and grind the coffee as described above. Assemble the Aeropress by putting the plunger in the chamber
  •  Flip upside-down but don't put the cap or filter on
  • Pour in your coffee grounds Put the funnel in. Pour your ground coffee into the chamber
  • Pour in the water Add hot water until the chamber is almost full
  •  Stir once Allow to brew for 1 minute. Try for 1 minute, but adjust in future batches if this comes out too strong or too weak
  • Put on the cap Place a filter in the cap and screw tightly onto the chamber Flip over, carefully! Quickly and carefully flip the full Aeropress over so the cap is down, and place on a mug or pitcher
  •  Press Press as directed above
  • Taste and dilute Again, taste and dilute if desired with more hot water
Now, sit and enjoy your expertly extracted Aeropress coffee.

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