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How to brew a perfect cup of drip coffee at home using the Hario V60

October 07, 2016

The V60 brewing dripper is perfect for anyone who likes bright clean coffees with lots of flavor, clarity and minimal body. We recommend our Malawi Phoka or Ethiopian Yirgacheffe for this brew.
Follow our easy home method for great tasting coffee at home or in the office:

  • Add around 300ml of water at 95 degrees into a goose neck kettle or something with a good spout for a controlled pour, a tea pot should work just fine.
  • Weigh out 16g of Coffee beans and grind to the same coarseness as table salt.
  • Unfold the paper filter, place it in your V60 and sit it on top of your favorite mug.  Pour a little water through until your filter paper is saturated. This will take any papery taste away and also pre heat your cup. Paper taste = bad. Hot cup = hot coffee.
  • Throw away the papery water and add your coffee grounds into the wet filter paper.
  • Place the V60 dripper over your cup and pre-infuse the coffee grounds by adding a little water (just enough to soak the grounds) and wait 20 - 30 seconds. You should see some bubbles appear at the surface.
  • Without pouring on the paper filter, add the rest of the water in a slow controlled circular pour. The pre infusion and pour should take approximately 2:30 minutes. Too quick? Grind a little finer. Too slow? Grind a little coarser.
  • Finally, throw the spent paper/grounds in your food waste bin, sit down, put your feet up and enjoy your hand brewed specialty coffee!

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