How to brew a flavorsome espresso in a Moka pot

Simply follow our step by step guide to brew a flavorsome brew at home using your Moka pot. We use our Espresso blend or Guatemalan Acatenango for our Moka pot recipe.

  • Grind around 18-22 grams of coffee, about as finely as you would for a shot of espresso
  •  Boil water, and fill the bottom half of your Moka pot with water that’s fresh off the boil
  •  Fill the pot’s filter basket with the ground coffee, and give it a shake to settle the grounds evenly. Now place it into the bottom compartment
  •  Screw on the Moka pot’s spouted top. Be careful! The bottom chamber will be hot, it will probably burn you
  •  Get it hot. Place the pot on a stove set to medium heat

When the water in the bottom chamber approaches a boil, the pressure will push a stream of coffee slowly and methodically through the upper chamber. If it explodes upward, your water’s too hot, if it burbles lethargically, turn up your flame. Your coffee is done when you hear a hissing, bubbling sound.

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