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Classic Coffee Cake

June 16, 2020

Sometimes simple is best….behold the humble sponge with a coffee twist. A delicious moist coffee infused sponge, coffee filling and crunchy walnuts. Did I mention its gluten free?
Crosby Coffee’s Uganda Rwenzori bean features in this bake, its fruity profile with a smooth chocolatey note perfectly complement this sponge. For this recipe I used an Aeropress to brew the coffee, using 15g of coffee to 230g of hot water with a brew time of 50 seconds and a complete time of 1 minute 15 seconds. Alternatively you can use a small cafetière, 15g of coffee to 300g of hot water, brew time of 4 minutes.
coffee cake ingredients
This recipe comes from a free from book, so its open to some flexibility to suit dietary requirements. I used unsalted butter instead of dairy-free spread. To incorporate the coffee I  put in 2 tablespoons in the cake batter, I alternated putting it in with egg, mixing each time. If your batter looks like it has split, add a tablespoon of flour to bring it back.Instead of making a syrup using water, I used 55ml of the coffee and reduced the sugar to 25g, gently heat on a low heat until the sugar has dissolved.
coffee and walnut cake
I added 2 tablespoons of the remaining coffee to each mixture, for the filling I added 50g of butter to create a creamier consistency. You can also add as much coffee to your taste, add more icing sugar to make a good consistency.
If you’d like to try this recipe you can pick up your coffee here!
The original recipe is taken from Cake Angels written by Julia Thomas.
cake angels by julia thomas

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