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Cinnamon Coffee Cake

June 09, 2020

Cake meets crumble! Follow my adaptation of this classic recipe for a coffee and cinnamon cake that will never disappoint! 

cinnamon coffee cake

This vegan and Gluten free has the best of both worlds, a soft, moist sponge and crunchy crumbly top. For this recipe, I used Crosby Coffee’s Iron Men blend. One of the strongest blends we do, the smooth dark fruit, chocolatey notes complement this recipe perfectly. To brew the coffee I used the Aeropress, 15g of coffee to 230g of water with a brew time of 50 seconds and a total time of 1:15. Alternatively you can use a small cafetière with 15g of coffee to 300g of water and a brew time of 4 minutes.

cinnamon and coffee

To get the best coffee goodness out of every slice, I reduced the amount of milk to 200ml and increased the coffee to 150g. After having a play around with the recipe, I also reduced the cinnamon to 1 1/2 teaspoons, stopping it from overpowering the other flavours. The coffee mixed with the subtle coconut and the hit of cinnamon combine for the perfect flavour party! The coconut oil and the yoghurt are the perfect alternative to butter and eggs. If I hadn’t baked it, I probably wouldn’t have known the difference! Though the coffee maybe subtle, it still makes for a winning recipe in my book! If you’d like to give this recipe ago, don’t forget to get your coffee here!

Original recipe taken from:

By Fiona Somerville

Crosby Coffee Barista & Baker

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