V60 Brewing Tips

by Jack Foster December 10, 2015

V60 Brewing Tips

How to brew a perfect cup of drip coffee at home using the Hario V60.

The V60 brewing device is perfect for anyone who likes bright clean coffees with lots of flavor, clarity and minimal body. Named after its shape and angled body the V60 was designed for consistent home brewing time after time. Although using this method will take longer to begin with, it really is worth the wait and once you have mastered the simple steps you won’t look back.

Our easy home method:

*Add 600ml of water into a kettle and turn it on.

*Weigh out 15g - 20g of Crosby Coffee depending on how strong you like it. Our ground coffee is good but we recommend getting a grinder and trying our whole beans for extra freshness, ground to medium fine they should be similar coarseness to table salt. (If you find your drip coffee is bitter, try going a little coarser.)

*Place the paper filter on the V60 dripper and sit it on top of your favorite mug. Pour some hot water to pre-heat the dripper and remove any possibility of paper taste transferring to the final brew.

*Remove the rinse water and add the coffee grounds into the wet V60 filter paper.

*We recommend our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe for V60 home brewing, it is light and acidic with great character. If you prefer a coffee with a bit more attitude try our Uganda Bugisu which is a smokey strong brew.

*Place the V60 dripper over your cup and pre-infuse the coffee grounds by adding a little water (just enough to soak the grounds) and wait 30 seconds. You should see some bubbles rise to the surface.

*Without pouring on the paper filter, add the rest of the water in a slow controlled circular pour. The pre infusion and pour should take approximately 2 minutes. (too quick? grind finer next time / too slow? grind coarser)

*Finally, throw the spent paper/grounds in your food waste bin, sit down, put your feet up and enjoy your hand brewed speciality coffee!

v60 brew


Common mistakes when brewing drip coffee.

Forgetting the pre infusion.

Why pre infuse? Fresh roasted and ground coffee has a lot of co2 gas which has built up from breaking down its sugars. Initially soaking the grounds before introducing high quantities of fresh boiling water allows the gasses to be released before the extraction. This prevents the gas from trying to escape when we want to get water in to extract the oils from the grounds. Pouring just enough water to cover your grounds and waiting 20/30 seconds will give a more even extraction, which often results in a better cup of coffee.

Poor pour!

It is important to maintain the level of water in a controlled circular pouring motion. A common mistake when first preparing pour overs is to not maintain an even pour on the bed of grounds, causing the water level to dip up and down meaning the coffee grounds in the centre of the filter are not being extracted at the same rate as the grounds around the edge of the filter. Making sure you are keeping everything at a constant level, ideally using scales and a timer, will result in a more even, better quality extraction which usually means a better flavor from your coffee.


Jack Foster
Jack Foster


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