Crosby Coffee make it into the Northern Independent Coffee Guide!

by Jack Foster December 03, 2015

Crosby Coffee make it into the Northern Independent Coffee Guide!

The new guide was unveiled at a funky get together of the movers and shakers of the Northern coffee scene, which also saw the Northern AeroPress championship taking place, along with the imbibing of local craft beers the chomping of wood fired pizza – and of course the drinking of some great coffee.

Over 80 top roasters and coffee shops were invited into the guide based on meeting the strict criteria for entry. The criteria was based on quality of coffee served, expertise, and the use of the highest quality UK roasted beans and was set the Independent Coffee Guide’s editorial committee: Dave Olejnik of Laynes Espresso in Leeds, Paul Meikle-Janney of Coffee Community, Ian Steel of J Atkinson & Co, Cup North organiser Hannah Davies, Q Grader Jamie Treby, and Nick Cooper of Salt Media.

The resulting printed guide is published on Monday 29 June and will be available from the coffee shops and roasteries featured in the guide [see list at end of release]. In addition, the books will be on Amazon and at good bookshops such as Waterstones.

Jack Foster of Crosby Coffee said, ‘It was a real achievement to be invited into the guide, we have worked really hard over the past 12 months to build a business out of our passion for coffee. We are delighted we now have something to show for all that hard work and are really excited about what the next 12 months has in store for us!’

In the introduction to the guide, Dave Olejnik says, ‘It's so great that I'm able to write an introduction to a "Northern Coffee Guide". Great because there's now enough coffee being carefully brewed and beautifully poured in the North that we can fill a book!’ He goes on to say, ‘Unlike our counterparts in London, we don't have to hide away on back streets due to ridiculous city rental rates. The North is really putting speciality coffee in the hands of the everyday person.’

The coffee shop and roastery reviews include information on different brew types, beans, grinders and equipment, and in addition, has funky maps, a history of coffee in the North, a brew methods glossary, information on worldwide coffee producing areas, and features on the future of coffee, the African connection and the art of the barista, to feed the passion of brew freaks, bean geeks and the caffeine curious.

The Northern Independent Coffee Guide’s editor Jo Rees of Food Insider’s Guides (published by Salt Media) says, ‘There’s long been this idea that the only place to get a good coffee in the UK is in central London. The North is a hot house of some amazing coffee experiences. We are in the middle of a revolution in both the cities and rural areas, with amazing quality artisan coffee being roasted and brewed'.

Salt Media launched the South West Independent Coffee Guide in October 2014.


Jack Foster
Jack Foster


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