Crosby Coffee brews up local interest

by Jack Foster December 02, 2015

Crosby Coffee brews up local interest

Local entrepreneur Jack Foster of Crosby Coffee has seen a steady stream of partnerships formed with local independent businesses all over Merseyside to supply them a blend of roasted coffee that is completely unique to them. The coffee is roasted weekly in Crosby Coffees premises, producing the freshest possible taste to the product. Popular venues such as Tapas Tapas in Waterloo, Satterthwaites Bakehouse and Albina Restaurant of Crosby and The Pantry Café in Ainsdale are the latest recruits to partner up with local independent, Crosby Coffee.
Jack has worked with the owners of each establishment to create a unique blend of coffee to offer their customers something fresh, new and different. Crosby Coffee worked alongside Tapas Tapas creating the ‘bodega blend’, a coffee designed to mimic the distinctive taste of Spanish Coffee and named after the venues popular downstairs bar.

Tapas Tapas Director Michael Gledhill was enthusiastic about serving the product to his customers. “We were using a famous Italian brand of coffee when we were recommended to try Jack’s own blend of roasted coffee beans. The difference was incredible, with the taste of a coffee made with freshly roasted beans is really surprising if you’ve never tried it before. We then started to brainstorm and decided that it would be great to get a Spanish taste to the coffee, like one that you would drink in a tapas bar in Madrid. We’re very pleased with the results, and also to be able to support a young, independent local business that shares our philosophy of focusing on a quality product.”

Satterthwaites Bakehouse Owners Jon and Sarah Wills were also excited about working with such a passionate and personal company. “Crosby Coffee brought us a unique blend tailored to our requirements and offered us a more personal and local service with an enthusiasm and creativity that made us want to work with them."

As well as creating bespoke blends for clients Crosby Coffee have supplied cafes, restaurants and bars with their espresso blend of coffee, a blend which took over four months to perfect. The Pantry Café in Ainsdale have been using Crosby Coffees Espresso Blend for the last three months, as well as seeing an increase in coffee sales, The Pantry’s owners Gemma and Andrew Moxon were excited to collaborate with such a passion driven business. “After using several mainstream coffee blends we were delighted to stumble across the hidden gem that is Crosby Coffee, we order each week and receive beautiful freshly roast coffee every time. Their unparalleled customer service and fast, efficient delivery really is the icing on top of the coffee cake!”

Creating a smooth, rich and full bodied coffee with no bitter after taste was a recipe for success said Jack who has also enjoyed his latest challenges of creating the ‘Bodega, Albina and Bakehouse blend’. ”We love working with local businesses at Crosby Coffee; by working together we were able to create completely unique products which fit each business individually. Each blend we co-create is tailor branded and designed, and offers a much more personal approach and sale.”
One of the first businesses to work alongside Crosby Coffee was the popular British Restaurant Albina on Coronation Road. Creating a distinctive cardamom flavoured coffee served using a one cup filter for their guests to note the beautiful aroma and fresh taste of a unique fresh coffee. Local businessman Alex McElhoney who launched Albina in 2014 was pleased to find a supplier who supported their philosophy. “Our approach to food & drink in Albina is all about provenance. Where do our ingredients come from? Who are our suppliers? How passionate are they in supporting our philosophy? There are many different coffee suppliers around but nothing like the bespoke service we get from Crosby Coffee and the way they fit in with our business. We were able to create a truly unique coffee just for us and nothing was too much trouble”

Jack Foster
Jack Foster


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