Just a 'normal' coffee please..?

by Jack Foster May 16, 2016

Just a 'normal' coffee please..?

As the specialty coffee scene grows and grows, more and more barista’s and cafe owners are starting to offer a range of brewing methods for the customer to choose from. I doubt you can find a cafe, hotel, bar or anything else for that matter without some form of traditional espresso machine. These range from simple to use “bean to cup” machines up to the elite temperature regulating consistency delivering super machines such as the La Cimballi M100.

An espresso machine is capable of making a plethora of espresso based drinks, most of which are combined with milk in a variety of ways, the cappuccino for example, frothy milk, coffee and chocolate dusting are used. On the other hand the Americano is simply espresso and hot water.  The flat white recipe is hotly debated; we use a double espresso shot where some would use a single and some baristas choose to use a double Ristretto shot. See our blog on the mystery of the flat white here.

Join us at the roastery for your flat white coffee fix

Other brewing methods such as the V60 drip filter or the Chemex are now popping up on menus across the country; I think these methods suit black coffee drinkers as a coffee brewed in such a way holds more of its unique flavour profiles right down to the bottom of the cup. As opposed to the americano which I find can taste diluted or watery once the crema on top has been sipped away.

As a barista for many years I have been asked countless times for a normal coffee, and as a barista I find this request often leads to more follow up questions such as, would you like milk with that? Would you like that prepared with steamed milk? And so on and so forth, often the end result being either a latte or americano. I personally would normally drink an espresso, it’s my regular order. Some would never order an espresso and always order a flat white.

espresso or latte or cappuccino what to choose

 So the answer’s simple really, what is a normal coffee? It’s up to you! What’s normal to you?

Jack Foster
Jack Foster


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