Italy’s favourite coffee straight from your kitchen

by Jack Foster April 21, 2016

Italy’s favourite coffee straight from your kitchen

The macchinetta or moka pot as its known is one of, if not the most popular method of brewing coffee at home in Italy. It relies on pressurized steam to pass boiling water through the coffee grounds for extraction and macchinetta literally translates to “small machine”.

You will need a kettle, a Moka pot (obviously), burr grinder , spoon / scoop, a heat source (oven hob), water and freshly roasted Crosby coffee beans. We recommend our Colombia La Primavera for this brewing method.

Follow these steps to join in this Italian tradition at home!

  1. Bring water to the boil in your kettle and fill the bottom chamber of the macchinetta with boiling water, just up to the steam release valve. Be careful as it will get hot! I use oven gloves when handling the base.


  1. Using your burr grinder finely ground you beans until you have enough to fill the funnel filter.


  1. Insert the funnel into the bottom chamber making sure water doesn’t fill the valve, empty some out if needs be.


  1. Now put the finely ground coffee into the funnel so that it forms a rounded dome.


  1. Without tamping or compressing your coffee grounds, screw the top half onto the macchinetta, it’s worth noting that you should check that the rubber gasket is in place before doing so.


  1. Place the macchinetta onto the hob or other heat source, using only enough heat to cover the base, not the handle.


  1. After 5-10 minutes the macchinetta will start to make a gurgling sound, about 10-15 seconds after you hear this sound remove the macchinetta from the heat, the coffee should continue to percolate for a while afterwards, serve it as soon as it’s finished.


  1. Enjoy!

Jack Foster
Jack Foster


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