Why buying beans beats buying pre-ground coffee

by Jack Foster April 19, 2016

Why buying beans beats buying pre-ground coffee

When it comes to coffee, freshly ground beans are one of the key foundations to creating the perfect cup. Its all about freshness, once coffee is ground up it releases all of those lovely aromas and oils that we cant get enough of, unfortunately after grinding it is recommended to be used within 15 minutes; in order to unlock the full flavour potential. So the sooner you brew up, the better.

Use coffee grounds immediately after grinding

There are 2 main types of grinder to consider, blade grinders and burr grinders. Blade grinders are similar to blenders and you will need to know what your required grind level should look like when using them, the longer you use them the finer the grind will be, so a combination of timing and keeping an eye on the texture is the only way of getting your required grind. As blade grinders chop instead of pulverise they often produce an un-even grind, this is something to take into consideration when buying your own grinder.

Burr grinders, unlike blade grinders can grind coffee for any brew method as they two grinding plates to pulverize the coffee into a consistent even grind, the distance between the plates can be easily adjusted to suit your desired grinding needs. We would always recommend a burr grinder over a blade grinder as consistency is key. Espescially when grinding for espresso, because uneven grounds will cause an uneven extraction. Check out our burr Hand Grinder here.

coffee beans grinder fresh coffee should always be bought as beans


When you google grinding coffee at home, you may be met with the advice to use a blender,  not ideal as its difficult to produce an even grind, or a mortar and pestle, probably ok if youre grinding coarse, but the best bit of advice we have seen is to use a hammer, not the best because it works, just the best beacuse it got us here at crosby coffee in hysterics. Please dont beat up our coffee with a hammer, its done nothing wrong.

There are 7 primary types of grind.

  • Extra coarse – Cold brew
  • Coarse –French press / Cafetiere
  • Medium coarse- Chemex
  • Medium- Drip / Filter
  • Medium fine- Pour over / siphon
  • Fine- Espresso / Aeropress
  • Extra fine- Turkish

 You can achieve all of these grinds with a burr grinder, so if you're looking to play around with different brew methods and you also want to ensure consistency then we highly recommend a burr grinder. Good luck grinding! See here for more brewing tips!

Good day, good coffee.


Jack Foster
Jack Foster


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