Long live the barista! Our true coffee connoisseurs...

by Jack Foster April 15, 2016

Long live the barista! Our true coffee connoisseurs...

The job role of the barista has often been characterised by students who are simply working part time to get through their studies and move on to their chosen career or profession. However with the rise of 3rd wave and speciality coffee this is no longer the case, the title of barista is only truly worn by those who are passionate and knowledgeable about their craft. True brew connoisseurs.

Unfortunately the job of a barista has a stigma attached that once you become one you will spend the rest of your career confined to the four walls of whichever coffee shop/ cafe you work in, this is not the case! The barista job roles and responsibilities have changed over recent years and the barista is now at the forefront of every successful coffee establishment, not just someone who “makes coffee”.

As the customer has become more and more aware of the product and knows what they like and how they like it, the barista must now perform to a standard high enough to fulfill the expectations of this new breed of coffee consumer. The barista is at the front line where coffee meets consumer so they have a huge impact on sales and customer relations. And they must ensure they are making each and every drink with as much care and attention to detail as the last, sometimes altering the recipe at the request of the customer.

A skilled barista can tell you where the coffee you’re drinking is from and how it was made; they take a great amount of pride in their work and those who can even add a touch of artistic flair to their finished product with a skill known as “latte art”. This can take years to master!

latte art by Crosby Coffee, tutorials and tips online

There are multiple other avenues one can explore within the speciality coffee industry, such as roasting, training, coffee shop management, barista competitions and judging or grading coffee!  Even those at the top of the speciality coffee industry all started as barista’s so it’s a title you can wear with honour.

If you’re interested in learning what it takes to become a true barista then get in touch!

Jack Foster
Jack Foster


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