The real rocket fuel for your workout - Crosby Coffee

by Jack Foster April 13, 2016

The real rocket fuel for your workout - Crosby Coffee

If like me you spend an insubordinate amount of time in the gym you may be familiar with the vast range of pre-workout supplements available to buy; all with the intention of improving your performance.  Unfortunately these little bottles of pills and potions can be quite costly and not always work the way you had hoped for. So good news! Forget about all of the fancy powders and shiny labels and have a cup of black coffee instead! Coffee has a range of benefits for the fitness enthusiast.

First of all the natural caffeine content will boost your energy levels and increase not only your mental focus but also your psychical performance. Often the key ingredient in a pre workout supplement is caffeine as its been used to fuel performance ever since its discovery hundreds of years ago! Find out about the discovery of coffee here...

Secondly coffee accelerates fat loss, decreases appetite and increases metabolism helping you to burn those extra few calories!  Also researchers at Illinois University found that subjects who consumed a cup of black coffee before a workout suffered less muscle fatigue and soreness afterwards as opposed to their non-caffeinated counterparts. Is there anything coffee can’t do? See you in the gym!

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Good day, good coffee.

By Michael Jaeger

Jack Foster
Jack Foster


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