Starbucks (allegedly) underfill millions of lattes - Sued by two Californian men

Starbucks have had a law suit filed against them for allegedly under filling their lattes of the advertised sizes of 12, 16 and 20 ounces. Two Californians have made the claim and say they feel deceived and cheated after buying various drinks from the Starbucks chain.

The lawsuit states that Starbucks trainers and baristas use a drink-making protocol to ensure consistency. The suit claims “Starbucks Lattes are made from a standardized recipe, which Starbucks instituted in 2009 to save on the cost of milk — one of its most expensive ingredients” It is also noted that “To create a Latte, the standardized recipe requires Starbucks baristas to fill a pitcher with steamed milk up to an etched ‘fill to’ line that corresponds to the size of the customer’s order, pour shots of espresso into a separate serving cup, pour the steamed milk from the pitcher into the serving cup, and top with 1⁄4-inch of milk foam, leaving 1⁄4-inch of free space in the cup. However, Starbucks’ standardized recipes for Lattes result in beverages that are plainly under filled. Stated otherwise, the etched ‘fill to’ lines in the pitchers are too low, by several ounces.”

The two Californian men haven’t taken this under filling personally. Instead claiming that Starbucks use this strategy to keep costs down, increase profits and please the shareholders.

A Starbucks representative said “We are aware of the plaintiffs’ claims, which we fully believe to be without merit. We are proud to serve our customers high-quality, handcrafted and customized beverages, and we inform customers of the likelihood of variations.”

So, whatever side of the story you swing to on this one, make sure you the quantity of your drink next time you’re at the counter. ..

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