Fertilisers to Face Masks - Dont waste your coffee!

by Jack Foster March 31, 2016

Fertilisers to Face Masks - Dont waste your coffee!

If you read our last blog regarding recyclable coffee products, you’ll know that we here at Crosby Coffee care about the environment and do everything we can to minimize waste and keep that carbon footprint down. There is however one aspect of coffee wastage which is simply inescapable; used coffee grounds.

 So what can be done with them? One thing’s for sure, do not re use them for a second cup! It’s bad enough that double dunking a tea bag isn’t unheard of but with coffee this is an absolute no go. Twice extracted coffee is bitter, watery and quite simply tastes awful, because all the good flavours we want from our wonderful Crosby coffee have gone in to the first cup, just the way we like it.

Fortunately there are many ways to put your used coffee grounds to better use than simply discarding in the bin or flushing down the sink. By the way I should mention that you shouldn’t flush grounds down the sink, so if you have been doing this, stop it, stop it now.  Nothing causes more blockages than coffee grounds and grease and even if you don’t flush the two of them down together they will meet up and form a sludge that even Barry Scott couldn’t handle. Coffee can be flushed away but only with plenty of water, which as we know is very wasteful.

Barry Scott would struggle to get rid of the coffee ground mess in your pipes

Great news for gardeners! Used coffee grounds can be spread across a flower bed without composting and will stimulate growth and repel insects. This is due to caffeine’s natural property as a pesticide. If you don’t have a garden then you can always just store the grounds and pass them on to a green fingered friend.

coffee used for gardeners as fertiliser

Used coffee will absorb odours so leave a small open tub in the back of the fridge and enjoy a smell free kitchen.

It can also be used to exfoliate, rub a small amount on your hands to remove stubborn smells or mechanical grease.

If you’re feeling really fancy you can make your own coffee scented candles. Just add the grounds to melted wax and a wick in a paper cup leave to set, remove the cup and shazam!

You can even treat yourself to an all natural spa day at home.  Here’s a recipe for a facial treatment: 2 spoons of coffee grounds, 2 spoons of cocoa powder, 3 spoons of milk, and 1 big spoon of honey. Do with that what you will. I’ve also heard that coffee grounds and warm water will reduce cellulite when applied for 10 minutes a week. Please note that once again; we are not doctors.

exfoliate your skin with used coffee grounds

So there you have it multiple uses for what we initially thought was a single use product, happy days.

Good day, good coffee.

By Michael Jaeger

Jack Foster
Jack Foster


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