Home brew simplified...

by Jack Foster February 26, 2016

Home brew simplified...

The days of freeze dried instant coffee are behind us! Long live the home brew. Whether it’s the old faithful cafetiere or you’ve moved into the realms of owning your own espresso machine, the way in which we consume coffee at home is changing. Gone are the days that we had to wait until we’d clambered out of bed, and shuffled misty eyed towards our local coffee house for our morning caffeine fix. Now there is a plethora of methods to create that perfect cup of Joe all from the comfort of your PJ’s. Now finding your favorite method, that’s where the fun starts.

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For those who want to hit the ground running and get that strong caffeine boost they crave, I would recommend a Moka Pot or Machinetta as it’s probably the closest you can get to an actual espresso, without going all out on a home espresso machine. Moka pots are really nifty gadgets and come in a variety of sizes to suit; they even come in various colours and designs to suit the fashion conscious home barista!

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Some of us may have a little more time on our hands of a morning and would prefer a longer more flavorful start to the day, perhaps enjoyed whilst reading the paper and planning your day ahead, this is where the filters come in. Go old school with a cafetiere or if you’re feeling adventurous why not try a pour over? I personally recommend the “V60” drip filter; it’s a simple but intriguing little gadget and really easy to use. Plus it delivers an astonishing cup.

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Once you start home brewing there really is no going back, especially if you’re using freshly ground beans, the difference is insurmountable. I’ve only mentioned a couple of different methods here but the list goes on and on. It’s up to you to get out there and find your favorite! So, how do you brew?

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By Michael Jaeger

Jack Foster
Jack Foster


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