Sunday morning - pass the coffee

by Jack Foster February 25, 2016

Sunday morning - pass the coffee

As I sit here writing this post, my head wont let me forget the previous nights antics. A good meal with friends along with copious bottles of wine and a very late taxi call. Still a little bit fragile I made my way to my local coffee house to get my head back into gear. Ordering my eggs Benedict and second cup of coffee I began to wonder about the myths of hangover cures and whether or not our favorite cup of Joe really does combat the head gremlins.

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There has been tonnes of articles relating to coffee having effects on our hangovers, some say its needed and others say it will do more damage. Whats the right answer? Who do we listen to?

The first myth that popped up was that drinking coffee will speed up your metabolism and thus speed up the processing of alcohol and your hangover. However to speed up your metabolism with coffee you would need to drink mug after mug all morning, which would give you heart palpitations and other side effects of overdosing on caffeine. Which, sure might leave you forgetting about your hangover for a minute or two before you start wishing it would come back!

Another article claimed that coffee is a terrible idea on a hangover, purely for its ability to mask your previous nights partying and lead to poor decisions. Thomas Gould of Temple University stated that coffee may make you feel more awake and alert letting people believe they are not as intoxicated as they are. He also added that the alcohol in your system from the night before can have an adverse effect on the caffeine jitters.

The next theory we looked into was what effect our morning cup of coffee does have on our body. If you are a regular coffee drinker, your body will become used to your caffeine levels on a daily basis. If you were to skip this caffeine injection on the day of your hangover then the withdrawal headache can often be worse than your hangover headache. Of course though; this can swing both ways, if your head is already pounding your coffee (to prevent the withdrawal) will only intensify the pain by narrowing blood vessels and increasing blood pressure.

There is also the argument that coffee is a diuretic, which simply means that it can leave you dehydrated easily. Drift away Coffee in Brooklyn NY claim they have the answer to the coffee drinkers conundrum. Follow these steps to beat the hangover and the withdrawal symptoms. 

  1. Just as you wake up, drink a full glass of water
  2. Half a cup of coffee
  3. Wait for 30-60 minutes
  4. If you feel any better, have another half cup of coffee
  5. Drink more water

Continue the steps until you begin to feel yourself, by reducing your coffee intake and spacing it out between plenty of water you'll keep your blood vessels dilated and blood pressure low. Simple, really?

Why not see what coffee we have in our range today and finally look forward to your pre and post night out shenanigans!

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Jack Foster
Jack Foster


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