Coffee record breakers!

by Jack Foster February 20, 2016

Coffee record breakers!

Over the past decade there has been some quite astonishing advances in the coffee industry. The cultivating and processing of coffee to roasting and brewing techniques have all become more commonly known as the world becomes more intrigued and fascinated with the planets most popular drink. However, this past decade there was some pretty impressive (or not so impressive) feats achieved in the coffee scene which didn't quite get the recognition it deserved. Here is just a handful of our favorite stories that didn't quite make the headlines...
  1. In 2012 Youtube blogger 'Strawburry17' broke the record for the most coffee shops visited in one hour with a furby. The record, which was officiated by Record Setter president Dan Rollman was filmed and can be seen here. (if you have a spare 5 minutes of your life)Play video of most coffee shops visited in one hour with a furby  Crosby Coffee
  2. In 2011 Dan Mcmanaman managed to balance 12 cups of coffee on a pole off his chin for an entire 36 seconds. A feat that can be watched time and time again, here.  chin coffee cups balanced record
  3. In 2010 a BBC science program invented a car that ran completely on coffee, the 'car-puccino' was created using a 1988 Volkswagen Scirocco drove from London to Manchester and was on display at a science fair. The car reached 60 mph and took approximately 56 espressos to travel a mile, so the journey which would usually cost £36 in petrol would cost between £910 - £1820 depending on how picky you were with your coffee brand. car puccino car fuelled by coffee travels london to manchester
  4. In 2014 Caffe Bene in South Korea created the worlds largest coffee, containing over 14,000 litres of coffee. The cup measured at 10ft 10 inches tall and 8ft 7 inches wide! largest cup of coffee made South Korea
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Jack Foster
Jack Foster


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