Roastery Research Trip

Research trip to York Coffee Emporium Roastery

The team at Crosby Coffee would like to express our gratitude to our new friends at York Coffee Emporium for taking the time to show us around their impressive roastery yesterday. It was great to get an insight on how they perfected each roasting profiles for all the different coffees they supply and getting a chance to taste some of their delicious coffees. We chatted over lunch (and of course coffee) about roasting, brewing, machines and our futiure in the industry; gaining advice on how to grow as an independent roastery much like they have.


We were blown away on how much they have grown their business in such a short four years through having the same passion, dedication and commitment. It all became clear to us at Crosby Coffee our dream of being as successful (if not more) is within reach and we believe we can get there by continuing to create a product of pure quality which will in itself do the work for us.

Written by Emma Charnley

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