Customer Latte Art Competition

by Jack Foster February 01, 2016

Customer Latte Art Competition

Saturday Specials

The end of the month and what a better way to see it off than an instore competition to all our weekend customers. Around 25 people took part in the latte art challenge, competing against one another to pour the perfect drinks. 

The art of milk pouring is a delicate balance between pouring from height, pouring with speed and the movement of the milk pitcher. A barista must know when to speed a pour up, what height they should pour from and where their pitcher should be angled from. Something that sounds simple enough, but not something easily mastered as our customers on Saturday found out.

Our winner was chosen late on Saturday evening and has been contacted this morning. Winning a couple of bags of coffee and some of our espresso truffles to take home their picture will be taken and posted when they collect their prize!

Want your chance of winning? Keep your eyes peeled for the next competition, tell your friends to sign up to our mailing list and check out our social media pages!

Jack Foster
Jack Foster


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