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Soon to be located at Bridge Road Industrial Estate.
Offering delicious coffee - freshly roasted in-store, brewing equipment, locally baked treats and so much more!

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Message from the manager...

Crosby Coffee began as an experiment turned hobby early in 2013; as I struggled to find fresh, great tasting coffee in local stores or cafes. The home roasting decision was daunting yet surprisingly exciting, as experience grew and flavours developed I soon realised I had created the market I was once in search for in my local area. There is such a difference in taste from coffee that has been hand roasted days or even hours before. The smell and taste of freshly ground coffee is like nothing you have had before, and I really enjoy developing new roast profiles and brewing my own unique blends. Roasting small batches of coffee ensures ultimate quality control. This small & unique setup allows very last minute roasting to deliver a truly fresh pack of coffee. I first marketed the product in April (2014) at Crosby's Festival of the Sea (#CFoS) to provide local, fresh and good tasting coffee to Crosby and its surrounding areas. Post #CFoS I launched the coffee at several artisan/farmers markets and food festivals with great feedback and have created a strong, lasting customer network. Since “launching” from markets throughout the Sefton area discussions have been held with numerous shops, cafes and restaurants in Crosby and meetings held with businesses as far as Chester and Leeds to begin the supply of Crosby Coffee to a wider market. Work is also being carried out on some unique blends for business’ to offer their own coffee experience to their customers. Orders have been delivered to businesses and homes locally as well as Australia, Ireland, Scotland and Germany. Our next adventure begins in mid November, were we move our small operation to Bridge Road Industrial Estate. This bold and exciting move will help us meet our growing customer needs and demands as well as allow us to offer other local delicacies to the local areas.
Keep an eye out to see how we are expanding in the near future, to follow all our plans and adventures please follow us on twitter: @coffeecrosby

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