Now located at Bridge Road Industrial Estate.
Offering delicious coffee - freshly roasted in-store, brewing equipment, locally baked treats and so much more!

Pop in and grab a coffee on the go or just come and say hello...

T h e  t a l e . . .

 Crosby Coffee began early in 2013, an experiment turned hobby which soon spiralled into obsession. Freshly roast, finely ground and fantastically brewed coffee for anyone to enjoy - all done from home. After a few months of testing the product (the good part) the company begun and the investment of more time, training and machinery all followed. The decision was daunting yet very exciting as we knew we had a great product mixed with great work ethic. After selling to family and friends we decided to first market our product and test it on the wider coffee connoisseurs in the area. In April 2014 at Crosbys Festival of the Sea, we launched and after some incredible feedback - much better than we could of hoped for, we took the plunge... (on the perfectly brewed cafetiere)

The aroma and the taste from freshly roast coffee is undeniably one of the best in the world. Our coffees are roasted in micro batches and carefully hand packaged in our stunning micro roastery. Roasting on such a small scale ensures ultimate quality control. This unique setup allows for very last minute roasting to deliver our customers a truly fresh and great tasting coffee experience.

Since launching our product at the Festival of the Sea we took our coffee to several artisan and farmers markets and food and drink festivals. Receiving regular feedback and creating a strong customer network we have been able to create numerous blends and close contacts with some fantastic local (and not so local) businesses.

The supply of Crosby Coffee has been delivered to homes and business all over the Sefton area as well as reaching Leeds, Chester and Manchester. Home deliveries have reached as far as Germany and Australia and as close as Ireland and Scotland to name a few. We are constantly striving to improve our products and services, we are currently working on our own coffee brownie bites and coffee marshmallows as well as jumping into the weird and wonderful with our coffee peanut butter and fragrant infused coffees.

Our next adventure begins in November 2014, were we move our small operation to Bridge Road Industrial Estate. This bold and exciting move will help us meet our growing customer needs and demands as well as allow us to offer our quirky coffee concepts...

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